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Barista Space Tamping Station

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  • UNIVERSAL. This tamping station can work with most 58mm coffee portafilters. 
  • LONG-LASTING. It is made of high-quality solid aluminum alloy which cut as a whole. 
  • FASHIONABLE. It is cut and formed according to diamond pattern and matched with dark gray metallic color oxide coating.
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE KNOB. There is a knob on this tamping station. The knob is used for adjust the supporting height to adapt to different kinds of coffee portafilter so that the coffee can be filled and pressed. 


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Diego Campos

2021 Barista World Champion Diego Campos uses the Barista Space 350ml Milk Jug as he perfects his Tulip!

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Barista Daz

Barista Daz proudly uses Barista Space products daily to make his beautiful coffee for all his fans!

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